Diamond Springs Vodka

Diamond Springs Vodka

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Diamond Springs Vodka takes its name from the gold rush town that supplied the fresh drinking water for miners away from all the dangerous chemicals. This vodka was designed to take advantage of the multiple stills Dry Diggings has on site to create a unique product in a crowded spirit space. Most vodkas rely on sugars, citric acid or other additives to develop their unique characteristics. We distill this vodka from local Northern California wines for it's subtle and smooth taste. We use nothing post distillation in any of our products to create our tastes, mouthfeel or finish. From the first sip to the last, Diamond Springs Vodka gives smooth, crisp and clean a new definition. This vodka works as a straight sipper, over ice or a dirty martini. Our recommendation is to keep Diamond Springs Vodka in lighter cocktails where it can shine.



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